History & Genealogy

Generations & Professions

Many people in the family tree are facts that give a good picture of their social position and their daily existence. This data has been collected and, among other things, housed in a private archive, together with many official documents including, among others, marriage certificates, legacies and inventories. As in every family, there are colorful characters, scandals and tragedies. This is privacy-sensitive material which does not immediately lend itself to publication. In order to still be able to reflect the versatility of the family, we have opted for a global overview. In this overview the Dutch ancestor is still named as the 1st generation. Research is currently being conducted on his ancestors.

Many 'le Nobels' were seen persons in their environment. In the Middelburg generations they held ecclesiastical functions. In the last generations, some were strongly socially engaged. A few have scientific publications on their name. There were also awards, varying from Honorary Guard of the Guardians to Order of Orange Nassau (3x).

Generation 1 and 2
Virtually nothing has been known about these generations to date. They lived in Middelburg (Walcheren, province of Zeeland). Ancestor Jan Lenart Lenobel lived at the Vlissingsestraat until his death in 1750. He was buried at the Oude Kerkhof in Middelburg.

Generation 3
They lived in Middelburg. A shopkeeper, a barber and a big grocery. The latter obtained a large mansion at the distinguished Zuiderdam and called it "De Spelende Leeuw" (currently still existing).

Generation 4
All lived in Middelburg. There were 3 merchants in colonial goods, a recipient of excise and an accountant at the sawmills (which he later bought and started to exploit with his son). This generation became very wealthy and possessed prominent mansions among others on the prestigious London Quay.

Generation 5
All initially lived in Middelburg. The most wealthy merchants in colonial goods, also a cigar manufacturer and the owner of the sawmills. One became a notary and left for Zeeuws Vlaanderen, a second notary (woman) left for Leiden. One went to Eindhoven as a lawyer. One went to Suriname and became a supervisor on a plantation and died of malaria there.

Generation 6
A part continued to live in Middelburg as traders in colonial goods and spirits. One was commissioner. In the branch in Zeeuws Vlaanderen (Oostburg) again a notary. Another went to Utrecht as a pharmacist. In the branch via Eindhoven (Asten) was a manufacturer of mineral water. One dies as an officer of health aboard the ship 'ss Reaal' on the way from Aceh to Padang and receives a sailor's grave. Another during World War I establishes a national committee for blankets, coal and food for refugees.

Generation 7
From the last branch in Middelburg one goes to Haarlem and has a studio for stained glass. A brother is a manufacturier and emigrates to Canada in 1905 for religious reasons. He starts a market garden. In the branch in Zeeuws Vlaanderen we again see notaries (or in Giesendam, Kampen, Terneuzen). In the branch in Utrecht we find 2 psychiatrists (Zutphen, Scheveningen), a pharmacist (Harderwijk), 2 pharmacy assistants and a technical supervisor at the telephone service (The Hague).

Generation 8
The Haarlem branch remains stained glass. He delivers, among other things, to churches through his nephew in Canada (Vancouver). The branch in Canada (Vancouver) receives, among other things, a teacher, an owner of a delivery service, an insurance agent, a mushroom grower and a violinist who later establishes a world-renowned orchid nursery. In the Zeeuws Vlaanderen branch (via Kampen and Terneuzen) we see a notary and a mayor . A teacher in the Zutphen branch. In the Hague branch 2 engineers and a tour guide. In the branch Scheveningen 2 social workers, a dancer / eurythmist and a businessman.

Generation 9
In Canada we find, among other things, an insurance company, a music teacher, a securities trader, a geologist, a doctor and a garden culture representative. His orchid nursery was sold in 1997. In the Netherlands there are 2 doctors, 1 architect, 1 political scientist, 4 teachers, 1 bank employee and a librarian. Then the branch to England, originating from the branch Utrecht, Scheveningen. Until January 2006 this family branch was missing, but thanks to this website we have found each other. One lives in Canada on the west coast.

Generation 10 and 11
The webmaster is from the 10th generation. Furthermore, it is too early at the moment (2017) to give finished information about the 10th and 11th generation.