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June 2018

Thanks to a reaction from a family member who saw an inaccuracy in the family tree, we were able to recover it. Marc, the webmaster, was very happy with this: "I finally see the website as a joint project, where familiar and unfamiliar family members are willing to provide data, so that future generations can read the history about their family. I hope that more people are willing to share with us information, facts and stories about the family ".

May 2017

Currently, research is being conducted into the parents and ancestors of our Dutch ancestor Jan Lenart Lenobel. There are indications that his grandfather Henri LENOBLE is from Berry (France).

Berry was one of the provinces of France until the French Revolution, with Bourges as its capital. Berry was an independent county in the early Middle Ages, before being divided by the Duke of Aquitaine and the Counts of Anjou and Blois. At the end of the 11th century, the French kings began to become interested in the area and gradually to join their domain. In 1360, King John II the Good founded the Duchy of Berry for his third son Jan. The title of Duke of Berry remained within the royal family for centuries.
In 1790 all those titles were canceled and Berry was divided over a few new departments. Haut-Berry was in general the department of Cher, with the addition of Saint-Amand-Montrond and surroundings, which lay in the province of Bourbonnais. Bas-Berry became the Indre department, together with a large part of the Brenne, from the province of Touraine). Smaller parts of Berry went to the Loiret and Loir-et-Cher departments. All these departments are now part of the Center-Val de Loire region.